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Helping to refine the branding with a more user focused design that delivered on the brand’s true core values, and showcased the emphasis they place on putting the customer first with their product offering.


The challenge

In a competitive online market, needed to improve their end-to-end brand and website experience to help increase online sales. To create a point of difference with competitors, we refined their brand and improved their website user journey to prioritise the customer experience throughout.

Capturing a bold personality

Following a design workshop and through working closely with’s internal Design and Marketing Departments, we delivered a more focused brand message and design system that helped distinguish itself from competitors.

Putting customer choice first

Using insight gathered through user testing, we discovered visitors preferred a design solution in the form of a product configurator, allowing users to build their order. In just three clicks, customers are able to browse more than 3000 product combinations, making it quick and easy to find and buy what they want - boosting overall conversions and sales.

Bringing it all together

We provided a set of brand guidelines to’s internal team that covered all customer touchpoints, from the website, through to email and direct mail to encourage consistency with the brand moving forward. A handover to’s internal design and development teams was also included with a detailed design system of components and guidance on micro-interactions.


“We were really impressed with how Rawww seamlessly worked alongside our internal teams. They were easy to communicate with and provided real creative insight.”

- Marketing & Product Director -

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