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Attracting a UK audience through website UI

ceracon website UI

The brief

CeraCon only had a German website prior to contacting Rawww, but wanted to grow their online presence in the UK and asked for our help promoting their offering.

ceracon website UI
ceracon website UI

Establishing a brand in Britain

CeraCon offers high-performance IP sealing, noise and vibration reducing materials for any design, at any stage of a product’s journey. Although the brand already had an established website in Germany, a new business location in Leamington Spa meant the team saw the need for a UK presence online to improve their ranking locally.

ceracon website UI
ceracon website UI

A design for (UK) life

To deliver an engaging new website design for CeraCon, we worked with their current brand style and adapted it to suit a UK market. This also included localising the brand’s copytone and service offering to appeal more to a British audience. To help drive traffic to CeraCon’s UK website, we also strategically mapped landing pages to drive traction to vertical markets.

ceracon website UI
ceracon website UI

Attracting new customers

Within the first six months following the website design from Rawww, there was an average month-by-month uplift in website traffic of 200%. The team at CeraCon now have a UK website for their UK location, that’s optimised for SEO and shows the breadth of services offered.

ceracon website UI

“Thank you to all of the Rawww team for your efforts and patience during 2018, for dragging us into the 21st century with our web presence, and the on-going support. ”

- Managing Director


The average month-by-month uplift in website traffic within first 6 months following new website design


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