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NCC Events

Campaign branding for the Camping, Caravan and Motorhome show

Discover our campaign branding case study for NCC Events CCM show

The brief

Following the success of NCC Events October show, we were tasked with creating a campaign to attract a more family-based audience to their February show.


Event branding helped bring the show to life

What we did

We designed and delivered standout branding for the event that had a big impact on getting people excited for the show. With a mix of illustration and photography, the flexible design helped bring the event to life across various channels – from email marketing and digital displays, to social media and print.

We designed print advertising using illustrations and creative photography
Our campaign branding had a big impact on attracting customers to the show
Rawww’s standout branding was apparent in email marketing campaigns
The event’s branding design created eye-catching online display advertising
The flexible design allowed the brand to be represented across various marketing materials
We designed the campaign branding to be flexible, to standout and be attractive to customers

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