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August 2022 Good Stuff Round-up

August gave us an insight into different types of brand marketing campaigns. From Nike sportswear to museums, we take a deeper look into what really wowed us, and consumers this month. 

Trainline turn heads with their ‘Awkward family photos’ Ad

Trainline’s ‘Choose to have choice’ advert introduces a young woman who feels as though she doesn’t belong to her family – she enjoys rainy days, bald cats and death metal. In comparison her family loves their dog, theatrical family portraits and anything pink. This innovative new campaign was launched to demonstrate that, although we can’t choose our embarrassing or boring family, you can always choose and compare any trains on the Trainline app. 

The agency Dude, had an ambition in mind with the campaign to allow Trainline to become the destination where travellers are able to compare all trains, and book the most convenient solution according to their specific travel needs. 

With inspiration from the ‘awkward family photos’ blog that continuously posts thousands of real, cringe-worthy family photos, this campaign really does catch your attention.

Nike join in on the Back to School campaigns 

The ‘Never Done Playing’ campaign has been released as a series of short films and photography that shows families transforming boring, every-day chores – such as gardening and homework, into a form of sport.

Joining in with some celebrity influence, Dutch footballer, Virgil van Dijk and his family partake in one of the videos, where the ‘magic in the mundane’ clip shows Djik gardening before being enticed into a football game with his daughters.

The energetic campaign involves fast-paced, fun music that really captures the audience’s attention – keep your eyes peeled for them as the kids go back to school!

Brighton & Hove museums release a new identity

The previously known Royal Pavilion and Museums Trust has been renamed as ‘Brighton & Hove museums’ in a brand refresh project led by Baxter and Bailey, designed to spotlight six of their cultural venues in a successful way.

The studio came across the campaign after winning the project when re-designing their website, but the newly named collection of venues needed true brand architecture and identity, alongside with the exciting website. 

The museums hold a significant cultural reference point for the city, so the new branding had to cater to multiple audiences, avoiding ‘overdesigned, codified language and imagery’. The logo consists of six separate parts that represent the six museums, giving all equal recognition. Typographic qualities embedded represent the architectural detailing in the buildings, with vibrant colours and images reflecting the city, injecting a new personality into the brand. 

Being rolled out over the next coming months, we here at Rawww can’t wait to see Brighton and Hove museums in its new light.


We share our good stuff round-up every month, so make sure you come back next month to see what caught our attention within the creative marketing industry.

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