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Revitalising a revenue generation company and representing them the way they deserve


ATM needed a brand that better represented their vision for growth and captured the culture and bespoke solutions they offer.


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ATM are a people-led revenue generation company, with a focus on strategy and end-to-end solutions. Using data and unique insights, ATM are able to pick out the best ways to generate revenue for customers.

Their techniques and software are bespoke to them meaning their services can be tailored to the client to achieve the best results. Due to their experience and the personal service they offer, they are able to actively see solutions to problems that the client may be unaware of and fix these quickly and efficiently.



ATM was founded in 1997 in Leicester. They found that as time went on their branding and marketing did not align to their business strategy as it had evolved over the years.

ATM are a tight-knit community with a fun, creative nature and a friendly team with strong values. Their website and marketing did not represent this and it certainly did not get across the true USPs of the business.

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We interviewed key stakeholders in the business to understand the vision for the brand and overall direction to take. Out of this we created a distinctive brand that gave the company a new lease of life, showcased their successes and their larger than life personalities. Our branding aligned to their insight with supporting values and mission that ATM aligned with. We created a new website which used bold and bright colours paired with quirky and fun illustrations, this reflected their personality and allows users to get where they need to in just 2 clicks, to help improve the user journey and conversion rate. The creation of brand guidelines helped to bring the premises, website and other marketing collateral to life.

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Throughout we ensured that the faces of ATM were featured to give it that welcoming and friendly feeling that the company felt strongly about. Using short and inspiring taglines that are memorable and capture the company’s values and aspirations. We also ensured that we consistently referenced their bespoke nature when developing their brand and simplified the language so it’s easier for everyone to understand the company’s area of expertise and how they can utilise them in the best way.

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“Rawww have been the perfect partner for ATM. They helped create a strong brand identity that showcased our creativity within revenue generation systems, and also guided us through the brand transformation, every step of the way.”


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