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ActOn Finishing

Growth of UK mass finishing technology into a global market


Increase in clicks to the website

200 million

search impressions

Growth into the India, USA and French markets

Supporting ActOn Finishing in crafting and showcasing its brands impressive capability to customers in diverse industries across the globe.



The challenge

Having successfully created and developed the branding for ActOn Finishing UK, the mass finishing company wanted to branch out further across the globe. To do this, they needed to adopt a multi-channel marketing strategy to reach out and tailor their services to their growing target audience and establish market growth.


An omnichannel marketing strategy

Our long-standing relationship with ActOn Finishing meant we already had a strong brand strategy, and developing a multi-channel marketing strategy felt like the next step to really help get their products and services to market. We supported ActOn with their marketing strategy, including helping them decide which channels to market for each region (India, Europe and the USA), and ensuring that the brand was used consistently, whilst the messaging was tailored to the different target markets.

Spreading the message digitally

Armed with an established identity and a well structured marketing plan, ActOn Finishing has been able to successfully grow their brand by implementing digital marketing in numerous locations, including digital advertising, email marketing, targeted landing pages and country specific websites.

Website development Design

Keeping a finger on the pulse

We work with the brand on a regular basis to ensure that their Google Ads and SEO strategies are constantly optimised to work alongside the latest search and advertising algorithm changes, making sure we're able to maintain and improve their conversion rate and ROI. This ongoing strategy is what supports the success of the business today.


“We’re so pleased with the expertise and continued support from Rawww. ActOn Finishing now has a consistent brand across a multitude of marketing channels, enabling us to grow as the business expands into a global service.”

- ActOn Finishing

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