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Owen Froebel

A powerful brand marketing launch helping buyers and sellers in the day nursery sector

Launching a tailored online and offline marketing strategy for Owen Froebel, specialists in day nursery sales and acquisitions.



Owen Froebel are specialists in day nursery brokerage providing an end-to-end service for those looking to buy or sell their nursery and build their portfolio. They understand the ins and outs of the day nursery sector, and use innovative strategies to ensure their clients get the most out of their sales and acquisitions.


Having cracked the dental practice sector, the founders of Owen Froebel wanted to bring their experience in brokerage to a new sector namely the nursery daycare sector. They noticed that the nursery daycare sector had a traditional sales and purchase approach that was outdated – using their previous knowledge and brokerage insight they knew they could bring a fresh, new approach to this sector. 

The name ‘Owen Froebel’ was inspired by 2 historical figures seen as pioneers in the development of education, brought together into one name. The unique name is something they wanted to build on during the brand marketing launch – from the logo design through to the overall brand positioning. The brand needed to convey the following traits: knowledgeable, approachable and professional yet a little cheeky.


Owen Froebel needed a brand direction that was modern, acknowledged the sector they worked in as well as the brokerage element of their brand. We chose a modern and fresh approach to the logo, highlighting the O and F representing the initials of the business name. With a nod to the nursery sector we used building blocks to denote the initials but also to convey the business related nature of sales and purchases that their audience would be attracted to. This balance of business and sector specialisation has been achieved through a clever use of shapes, vibrant colour, imagery and brand messaging.

Owen Froebel’s messaging had to be nursery sector related but always focus on the business aspect of the brand in order to connect with the target audience. “Building nursery portfolios. Maximising profits.” This simple, yet effective line directly communicates to potential buyers or sellers what Owen Froebel can do for them - highlighting their results driven approach, to attract the right audience.

The website was created as part of the brand marketing launch - creating brand awareness and instilling trust and credibility in Owen Froebel. We ensured key USPs were featured and communicated on the website in a clear and simple way, while at the same time strong calls to action were used throughout to capture enquiries from both potential buyers and sellers of day nurseries.

As part of their online marketing strategy, Rawww created template newsletters to be used as supporting launch material that are consistent and play a part in the sales process.

In addition, we wanted to ensure the brand’s launch communication stayed consistent, so created a set of social media assets both static and animated to support Owen Froebel’s social media presence.

Inspired by the brand’s ‘building block’ theme we worked on creative ad concepts that could be rolled out in an advertising launch campaign in both print and digital industry publications, as part of their online and offline marketing strategy.

There is still a place for print! Rawww designed and artworked business cards, letterheads and a brochure to support the Owen Froebel brand marketing launch. To keep brand consistency we also rolled out the brand into stand designs to be used at industry events to get the Owen Froebel brand out to an even wider audience.


“Rawww have been the perfect partners in setting up a new business. Working with the vaguest of concept instruction, they have come up with an amazing brand design that is everything we wanted without knowing how to verbalise it! The team are a delight to work with and buck the creative stereotype by being both endlessly artistic and creative as well as efficient and organised. ”

- Leah, Director

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