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7 must-know marketing trends for 2022

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Looking back on 2021, we’ve seen the return of the Olympics, a monumental progression in Covid19, and even a sense of normality beginning to reside. All the while, content teams across the country have been working hard over Zoom to bring some innovative ideas to the table. As we approach 2022, it’s time to re-evaluate your marketing strategies and unleash your imagination with these seven marketing trends for 2022, all set to influence the creative world.

Trend 1: Leverage voice search 

With recent studies confirming that 48 percent of consumers use voice assist for their general searches, this is a significant marketing trend to get on board with for 2022. 

Voice search optimisation works by generating results through verbal searches, therefore your content needs to be simple and to the point. Create content that answers people’s questions to leverage the increase in voice searches. Consider the most frequently asked questions in your industry and optimise your content so your business appears in the search engine against your competitors.

Trend 2: Start creating live videos

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Interactive content adds value to your customer’s experience, and as video marketing isn’t set to slow down anytime soon, it’s one of the most effective methods of engaging with your customers, with 86 percent of businesses claiming to use video as a marketing tool. In particular, live videos can be done on social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. 

This marketing trend for 2022 is set to raise the bar in the creative industry. By hosting live videos, your brand has an opportunity to show personality and provides your consumers an insight into your business and its operations. Emerging during the Covid19 lockdown, live videos provide an essential way for brands to stay connected with their consumers.

Trend 3: Invest in omnichannel marketing  

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Omnichannel marketing is all about ensuring all your marketing channels are accessible to your customers in one connected space.

Customers now expect businesses to be available on any channel, platform, or device that’s convenient for them to access your products, offers, and support services.

Make it clear on your website where customers can contact you. For example, offer as many possible contact options as possible such as email, phone, online forms, and even a chatbot or virtual assistant. In terms of your product and service offerings, having the ability to place an order online, via an app, phone, call, or even coming into your shop if you’re in e-commerce, is crucial.

Trend 4: Make the most of conversational marketing

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When it comes to connecting with customers, there was a time when we were encouraged to use formal terms when addressing customers. However, as the creative industry has evolved, an increasing number of customers are looking for personalisation and conversational messaging.

Today, conversational marketing is a trend for 2022 that comes as no surprise at all. Your customers are more inclined to engage with you if they feel you’re speaking on their level, as they crave these informal interactions. This level of communication is best achieved through social media, so take the time to respond to your consumers’ questions and comments in a friendly and approachable manner, so that you can form a closer bond with them.

Adding in a touch of humour never goes a miss and will help you to break the ice.

Trend 5: Choose to educate rather than hard-sell

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Everywhere you look, there are advertisements. It’s no surprise that consumers have become immune to these hard-selling tactics, whether on a billboard in the city, during a television show, or even on social media and online sites. In fact, when businesses pressurise customers to make a purchase, they go into defensive mode and are more likely to turn away and push your brand to the back of their minds.

Be inspired by this marketing trend in 2022 and take a different approach to your advertising. Rather than hard-selling your products or services, educate your customers on why they need your help. It has to be about their convenience, and you should demonstrate that you can benefit them.

Trend 6: Understand the art of upselling

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Another key marketing trend for 2022 is encouraging upselling. Most, if not all businesses are selling a product or service, so there is every opportunity to increase the average order value of customers through upselling. 

This marketing strategy allows you to showcase your high-end items to your customers as a way of encouraging them to either improve something with an additional product or upgrade to something more expensive to better fulfill their needs. The key is to thoroughly understand what your customers value, and then to respond with products and features that match those needs. 

Customers will be more satisfied if you can help them visualise the value they can get by purchasing a higher-priced item.

Trend 7: Increase conversion with influencer marketing

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Last but not least, a marketing trend for 2022 that will see your business soar is influencer marketing. For many years, it has been a widely used marketing tactic. However, approaching celebrities or influencers who have accumulated more than a million followers can often be very expensive as they can ask for big sums of money per post.

In 2021 especially, we have seen a new layer of this select group of professionals coming to the forefront: the micro influencers. 

These influencers often have a smaller following and therefore, a more specific niche. This way, it is easier to impact audiences who are really interested in your products or services and increases the chances of conversion.

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