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15 years of Rawww’s website, what’s changed?

15 years of Rawww's website

With changing digital landscapes, developments in technology and also different user trends, it’s fair to say our Rawww website has had a few makeovers.

We take a closer look at how our the design and UI has developed during the last 15 years…


15 years of Rawww's website

Back in 2006, in web 2.0, the Rawww website was created for desktop users only using XHTML and CSS files. You can probably tell that we used to love adding grads to buttons and forms, encasing content and using shadows to make items stand out on the page.

The website design is fairly short, 960 fixed width, and focused above the fold, as this was before scrolling was a common user practice. However, the design still gets the idea and concept across about who Rawww are and what we do, focusing on a business needing the ‘Rawww ingredients’ to get started.


15 years of Rawww's website

This website showcases how we value white space in design. In 2011 we introduced the ‘We Grow Brands’ positioning, using our early animated Rawww characters to interact with content using Flash.

We were still using 960 fixed width, developing the website without a CMS system through using HTML5, CSS and JS.

We took the design really back to basics, similar to what we still try and do now, to offer a simple experience for users. You can also see our use of illustrated table signs and the introduction of featuring client work on the homepage, putting our clients at the forefront of our design.


15 years of Rawww's website

This is the year we introduced the good stuff to the Rawww website. Through using a full screen approach, it allowed us to offer a version of the website that caters to an ever-growing number of wider and larger displays. We’ve also pulled the Rawww social channels into the website design as social media became more important for businesses.

Although we’d already been working with responsive design, 2014 was the year we applied it to our own website using a Bootstrap 3 framework, with WordPress 3.9, HTML5, CSS3, SCSS and JS.

The website features our first video, visually explaining more about Rawww. Filming this video involved travelling up north to a World War Two museum to make a cake.

It might sound strange, but through detailed storyboarding we created a video that highlighted how using the right Rawww ingredients cooks up the good stuff.


15 years of Rawww's website

We began to push the concept of the good stuff more in this website design, developing the Rawww characters first seen back in 2011. The characters represent our team and the variety of skills offered, whilst also allowing users to connect with our creative agency.

We created more of a feature of the dot from the Rawww logo, bringing it out in the website design more and also brightening the Rawww red for a fresher, cleaner look.

The site was built on WordPress 4.9 using HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, BEM, JS, Node, Webpack, SVG, GSAP JS and Lottie.

Following the structured scroll approach from 2014, this design is less rigid with pods but still has a hierarchy of content.

Using Foundation 6 framework, the responsive website design was also mobile first and we introduced a new side navigation menu, that appears at the bottom when using a mobile device to make it even easier for users.


15 years of Rawww's website

Our current website is all about celebrating 15 years of Rawww, with a video showreel highlighting just a few of our achievements and projects over the years.

We’ve pulled our latest insight articles onto the homepage to inspire visitors, and also made sure our client’s work is at the heart of the design.

The 2020 website is still in many ways the same as back in 2006. It’s created to suit our users and what they’ll engage with the most, promoting the value partnering with Rawww can bring in terms of strategic insight and creative concepts.

Got an idea of how you’d like to improve your website or not sure how to start? Get in touch with our team to get the creative ideas flowing.

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